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ahm tax calculator | An Inlight Project


What is more fun than sorting out your health insurance? Doing your tax return perhaps? 

Well what if I told you that together these two life sucking adult tasks could save you money if you know what your doing. But there it is, the fatal flaw. Not everyone is an accountant and let’s be honest hardly anyone understands health insurance. 

ahm have a point of difference, to keep it simple. So put that calculator away and let’s do the hard work for you. 

First we had to actually understand what it all meant ourselves, so short of obtaining a masters in accounting we needed to understand the ins and outs of concepts like the Medicare Levy Surcharge to be able to then distill it into a couple of bullet points people would understand and appreciate. 

To then execute we created a simple tool where we asked for a little bit of information from people, and through effortless interactions like sliders and drop downs we could tell you how much money ahm and their products could save you… or not save you. 

The tool and the content was extremely well received. It helped users make better informed decisions on their need for private health insurance as well as saw a significant uplift in product sales for ahm. And they all lived happily ever after.


No one wants to think or care about Private Health Cover but if you show them how they could save money, it’s a completly different story.