Thinking about thinking

Let's take a moment to slow down. If you’re switching from another task, forget about it completely. If you’re doing some serious multitasking stop and focus on this.

It’s argued that there is a growing focus on instant action, that along with the increasing shortage of time due to the expectations created by modern civilisation makes me wonder, have we created a crazy circle which has taken a toll on the process of thinking?

Digital products are meant to make life easier and more comfortable, but have they pushed people towards the need to complete more and more actions. The amount of activity in our daily life has grown exponentially due to the growing need for travel, communication, productivity, entertainment and being social. By squeezing in too many activities in the same amount of time are we neglecting to think about things on a deeper level?  

Thinking is necessary for finding solutions to a new problem or devising new actions. In the absence of thinking we will choose our actions from the repository of old actions stored in the subconscious mind. Leading to the same old results.

I’ve embarked on a journey to better my knowledge and allow myself to think about things without the pressure of time. Because as a designer a lot of the work we do has a lot of underlying thought and strategy built into it and around it. I’ve chosen to refresh my knowledge on some design theory because it’s both fascinating and critical.

Today, the world is what it is because of thinking done by few people. So let us imagine the world and what it would be like if thinking becomes a part of life for everyone. — Quoting someone clever.

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