A technical challenge

Just for fun. 

The brief: Create an itinerary planner for an airline. 
Time: 4 hours. Just make a thing

Step 1
Ask all the questions.Pick apart the brief as best as you can. 

What is MVP? / What is an itinerary creator?
- Something that can be incorporated into current flows?
- What if it doesnt fit into current IA and experience?
- Entry points?
- How many trips can a user plan at one time? MVP = 1
- How are these details saved? Cookies?
- Opportunity to push sign up?
- Do we need different states? Purshased / Planning / Past trips.
- MVP = Planning only if not logged in
- Trip templates for inspiration? MVP = No
- Bundleing results in discounts? How do we stack discounts?

MVP = Should have this
- Empty state?
- Products: Flights, Uber/Parking? Accomodation, Car rental, Activities and Insurance
- Web? App?

Step 2:

Do a bit of light investigation. 

Look at the current flow. Think about some lean ways to test desirability. How can we prove this is a feature people want / need. How can we build on existing patterns?

A more robust MVP seems to have significant implications to site structure. All products are siloed and would need to be more fluid based on location. Users would search for an experience based on location not just for the flights to get them there. 

Process to reach this point involved some quick sketching to sort out paths, grouping and functionality. Then I jumped right into a higher fidelity prototype to get a sense of how a user would search and start to build out their experience. 

Click around, see what you think :)